Warrior, Hero, Poet

Dean Atta invite

“Silence is not Golden, Silence is the truth stolen” an exert from the poem “Revolution” which first brought Dean Atta to my attention in 2009 when he was nominated for the Achievement through the Arts award for our inaugural SOLA 2009 – It is an extremely poignant and compelling piece of work by a very brave and talented artist.

I have been extremely lucky to meet many inspirational, passionate and ambitious young people along the SOLA ¬†journey – Our vision with SOLA is for it to become a movement of empowered young people – Dean is a stand out though even amongst the enormous depth of talent the SOLA network consists of – His sword weilded in the shape of his words while his shield is his humility – A word smith warrior…

I was stood by the side of the stage when Dean recited “Legacy” a poem he created as a tribute for Damilola Taylor and all the other youngsters lost to senseless youth violence – It was 27 November the actual tenth anniversary of Damilola’s death and the setting was SOLA 2010 – In the audience were many of the families and siblings whose lost angels Dean was honouring with his words – The emotion was raw but the moment immense!

Dean became the creative Director for the show itself in 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall and has been instrumental in the development of the SOLA school road show – He was also back stage last Year at SOLA 2012 a beacon of calm as chaos and carnage reined all around him – A SOLA hero

On Monday 11 March he has his first book published – Its title is not meant to shock it serves to educate – This vile and evil word is brought to its knees by Deans words – Struck down by his sword.

If there is any justice in the world (With thanks Lemar!) then the book will be a best seller and act as a precursor to Deans right of passage to becoming poet laureate …..

DEAN ATTA – Warrior – Hero – Poet…………. FRIEND!