I love the City I call home. One day I hope it will be the fairest City in the World.

The great passive revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi once said “It is the struggle that defines us” – He managed to define a nation in his lifetime – Ask yourself what, if anything will you define in yours?

“It ain’t about black or white coz were human” Tupac Shakur – Now Ain’t  that the truth!

Most people long to “live the dream”  – I would just like to sleep peacefully some day.


2 thoughts on “Vision

  1. As one too many of our children taking their resting place before us their parents, their grandparents and even great-grandparents, your words of wisdom, and aspirations mirror my own. Thank you for the great work which you have accomplished through the legacy of Damilola as we need to remember that our children’s lives have been tragically lost but will not forgotten.

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