One Big Community

They have a wonderful saying in Africa that “It takes a whole village to raise a child” – With 152 teenagers murdered on the streets of London since 2005 perhaps it is about time we adopted the attitude that “It takes a whole City to keep our children safe” – Every time a child dies on the streets of London a piece of London dies with them. With 7 deaths already this Year it is time to say enough is enough – It is time to make a stand. It is not enough to point fingers and blame others – London is OUR city and this is OUR problem – The Police cannot solve the problem alone, in fact without the support of the entire London community they have no chance of solving it at all.

We set up the Spirit of London Awards in 2008 as a legacy project for all the young people that we had lost senselessly – We wanted to show the World the reality about our young people, that the vast majority of them are good and that a large percentage are exceptional – What we wanted to do above all else through the strength of our investment and endeavors was to create a network of empowered young people who more than any other demographic group wanted to see solutions to the negative issues affecting our inner city areas.

A few weeks ago one of the young people that have come through the Spirit of London awards nominations sent me an email asking for my help. Jeremiah Emanuel is 13 Years old and was nominated last Year as a Young London hero for his work as Deputy Youth Mayor of Lambeth – His friend had been stabbed to death in a stairwell in Wandsworth. The Police said he had been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time – A victim of the gang culture bullying that is all so often now getting out of hand – Jeremiah wanted to make a stand – He told me he knew far too many young people that had either lost their lives or been hurt as a result of gang culture and he wanted to do something positive to try and stop it.

Now we are helping him mobilise the youth of London to come together as ONE BIG COMMUNITY for a day of youth empowerment to show the World they want the violence to stop – We want to mobilise the entire London community to stand behind them – These young people are our future and we all share the responsibility of keeping them safe – We know that there are problems in our inner city areas with poverty and deprivation rife in many of them – There can be no excuse for murder though and the culture of violence, the knife and the gun, has no place in a civilised society.

We want to see every one of the 32 Boroughs involved and already the youth management team have connected with a large percentage of them. They are working with SOMEWHERE TO and Livity to find the best locational venue to stage the event and will then announce the date.

We need to support them 100% to the hilt and everybody in London needs to make an effort to mobilise the youth of their own area to get involved.

Please email for more information and to be added to the support database.

These are OUR kids, they are OUR responsibility – Lets show them how much we care!




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