The material world we are forced to live in

Another teenager bleeds to death on the streets of South London. His throat is slashed and a blade is plunged into his neck. He was 16 years old.

A boy of 13 is in police custody and one of his young accomplices is heard by witnesses (snitches)to say “I cant wait to see this” as he left a bus to hunt down his prey.

I saw a bright new shop had opened in the Elephant and Castle. A jewelers store opening is a good sign that maybe the recession might soon be over I thought. Then I realised it was in fact a pawn shop. The picture in the window of an excited looking attractive young girl says “I got £159” – The currency of misery.

Rio Ferdinand gets given £159 every few minutes for wearing a red shirt for a couple of hours a week. Good job the youth club was open in Peckham to keep him occupied when he was growing up in the area.

Not many youth clubs open now of course. Every young boy would love to be a premier league footballer. If they are dedicated and exceptionally good then if they are also lucky they could be the one in every 3 million that gets the chance.

I wonder if the boy on the bus had a youth club to go to? I would like to ask his parents what he had for breakfast that morning. What kind of television programmes he watches. Does he like the apprentice and the X Factor. Does his diet have many additives in it. Does he drink a lot of coca cola? Does he like Rap music?

Does he have an England football shirt in his wardrobe?

They tell me David Haye lost last night. I am not sure how that works given the millions he banked. I am assuming that Umbro paid him handsomely to wear the new England away shirt into the ring. The England away shirt is supposed to be red. The national colours. It was blue. I guess it is just a marketing gimick…

Yemurai Kanyangarara RIP


One thought on “The material world we are forced to live in

  1. Gary why don’t the Trust take over The center in Peckham before it goes out to a private leisure center? It has the name already and Youth service can’t afford to run it so why not make something of it for the youths?

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