It will be  a year since the murder of 16-year-old Agnes Sina-Inakoju who was shot in the neck as she queued to buy food in a chicken shop in Hoxton North London on April 14th 2010. An innocent bystander caught in the middle of a savage turf war between rival gangs of cowardly young thugs. Guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Agnes was a brilliant student and had a long and prosperous life ahead of her. To her family of course she was still just a baby stolen from the heart of their very existence. Her life-force ripped away by an act of callous violence when a stupid feral little boy, decided to shoot indiscriminately through a shop window. A stupid feral little boy with a gun. His shooting skills probably honed on his Sony play station in his bedroom.

At the time of her death the media made some mentions about it maybe being a tipping point – The local community was up in arms. Politicians talked of a radical clamp down on gang activity. Other victim families spoke out and the news cameras followed the families distress right to the funeral while the tabloids made hay with their condemnation.

On the 30th March 2011 a little 5-year-old little girl by the name of Thusha Kamaleswaran was in a small family run convenience store in Stockwell, South London visiting friends with her mum. Wrong place, wrong time again as the feral evil on push bikes came calling. Once again a wannabe mobster teenage monster fired indiscriminately through a shop window, this time hitting a 5-year-old baby. Let us give thanks to God that she has survived, Physically if not mentally. Will the scars and nightmares ever heal entirely? I would doubt it the poor little mite will probably live her entire life in fear that the monsters will come back.

Once again the media has been up in arms and prominent politicians are promising clamp downs and tough action. Noise… Lots of noise. On the 30th March 2011 @ 2pm I had attended a Home Office round table meeting on youth gang and gun culture chaired by the current Home Secretary. A Lady who had called me almost a Year ago shortly after taking office saying she was looking forward to meeting with me and discussing the work of the Damilola Taylor Trust. The meeting was arranged and then cancelled at a few hours notice due to her being busy elsewhere. This round table was subsequently the first time I had seen her in the flesh. Almost a Year on and it has never been rescheduled. I did send a couple of email asking whether it could be put back in the diary but when they never got any response I gave up. So there I was sat at the round table listening to her orchestrating a questions and answers session about youth crime. The most interesting thing of note I can tell you about the meeting is that the table is not round. There are so many small organisations and youth agencies sat around it that if it were round it would probably circumnavigate the M25 – Suffice to say I don’t think these meetings achieve much. There is so little cohesion in the way things are done anyway that when they sit there and talk about issues prevalent to London….the Mayors office are not even represented when they hold all the budgets for London youth crime. Crimestoppers are not part of the round table either. What the hell are the Damilola Taylor Trust with our limited resource and ability to actually effect change doing sat round the table when Crimestoppers are not there you might ask? Good question is all I can respond with. I have no idea! I have asked many times but nobody has ever given an answer.

Clearly though the system that runs the way youth crime is tackled in London is not working and given the same people who are running the system are the same people who were running the system under the previous Government I don’t see it is the Government that can take the blame. They can take the blame for not changing the system of course but then the economy has been the absolute number one priority of the coalition by a long way with law and order seemingly off their priority list. Strange for a Tory led Government given Law and order has always been high on their parties manifesto’s. It is particularly galling for me given the shadow Home Secretary under the Tories during the general election had spoken at length with us directly about the flaws he saw in the system and his great passion for tackling the issues at root – He even attended work shops we organised with some of the hardest to reach youngsters involved in gang activity in one particular area of London which we also arranged for members of Families utd to attend.


Anyway, things have obviously changed in more ways than one and the evidence that this Government is not focused enough on tackling youth crime is summarised here in one particularly stomach churning example of the World gone mad. It is the case of the magistrate who fined a youth £300 for stabbing 3 others leaving one on a life support machine.


Mr Cameron should have fired this magistrate. Pure and simple this is not like a football referee who is at liberty to make mistakes and keep his job. This is somebody charged with making judgements that can directly affect the welfare and safety of our young people. This one malfunctioned with this judgement and should have been sacked. Once again though I fear it is an indication that the “system” that runs the country is flawed and the Government is currently looking incapable of fixing it. They are putting their noses into conflicts all around the world and speaking of “protecting innocent civilians” – What about the innocent civilians who cannot buy chicken or gum in local community stores in London without fear of being shot dead, Mr Cameron?

Let us worry about the problems in our own back yards before we worry about the problems in Libya or Bahrain – Talking of back yards though brings my focus onto the “what if” factor – Given that Stockwell and Hoxton are not necessarily the most prominent places visited by the well to heeled – What if the next time a gang of hooded feral’s wealding guns chases down their intended victims into a packed Waitrose in Hampstead where the white middle class take their 5 year olds to shop – WHAT IF????

Let me be clear – I do not believe that the Government alone can resolve the problem of gang culture. In fact they have no chance. Nor do the police. When you get young boys of 14 years old running around with guns shooting indiscriminately into shop windows you need to treat it as a huge alarm call. The community itself needs to wake itself up and realise that the problem needs resolving by adopting a zero tolerance to gang culture that is breeding in its midst and has been for far too long. When two young boys from Peckham were described as “Peckham Boys” at their trial into the murder of Damilola because of their affiliation to a local gang perhaps not enough attention was paid to the problem. Now it is an epidemic.

In the 4 years I have been involved with the Damilola Taylor Trust I have met some remarkable people. The most impressive of which have been young people who come out of the toughest areas of London but who have such a great passion to succeed in life. They more than anyone are the victims of the small feral minority who blight the black community with their feral activity. Yes – The black community. Most of the best and most upstanding young people I work with come from the black community. Like me they share a colour blind approach to life but if it needs to be broken down then yes it is the black community whose box they would tick on an application form that asks for ethnicity. It makes my blood boil that they should need to read yet again after this latest atrocity the same descriptive narrative that was attached to the headlines in Hoxton last year “BLACK YOUTHS WERE SEEN RUNNING FROM THE CRIME SCENE” – It almost makes the term “black youth” seem derogatory – We cannot escape the fact that it is what it is but at the same time when are the community going to rise as one and say “enough is enough” on behalf of the huge majority of black youths who don’t deserve this shit!

Do we really want to sit back and wait until the incident in Hampstead or Richmond waitrose occurs for real? Of course we don’t.

It is time for action and it is time for action NOW. A stand needs to be made and the deafening sound of silence from leading black musicians towards the evil of gang culture needs to be challenged for one thing. So does the fact that Gang culture was imported from America and music and fashion are at it the core of its adopted style. The big American youth brand such as Nike – Why cannot they come out and call for a stand to be taken? Scared of losing sales perhaps? It might be cool to have attitude but it is not cool to be evil and gang culture is evil pure and simple.

The police cannot move into built up residential areas and arrest every large group of young people gathered together who just might be in a gang. The local communities know very well who these gangs are however and they can move against them. ostracize them and drive them out if you have any inkling that they are acting violently. Form local community safety committees and do not fear bringing the police in or working with crimestoppers. Speak to their parents and if the parents do not want to help then report them to the local council – Let the shooting of a 5-year-old innocent child be the tipping point that the slaying of an innocent 16 year old should have been 12 months ago. Make a stand for decency and for the good of the entire community – Black and white.

We are all in this together!

Gary – Damilola Taylor Trust

PS: Why crimestoppers should not be ignored by the Home Office http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbnbwb0WVTI&feature=player_embedded



  1. “make a stand for decency and for the good of the entire community – Black and white.”

    Thank you Gary for this article. Fortunately for me i’ve never had to suffer losing a close relative or friend through a murder, but each time i hear something on the news it still upsets me very much. This article is fascinating, you really articulate such a fair and clear point. I’m so glad to read that your feelings aren’t racially biased. I find it desperately frustrating that voting (seemingly the only power we have) for a political party doesn’t seem to break any molds, that we have little or no say in anything this country prioritises. I absolutely agree, let’s get our own backyards safe before venturing afield. There’s enough work to be done in our own communties. Bridging cultures & sorting out our own country which just seems to be an overflowing mess.

    I just wanted to thank you for putting how i feel also, into words.

    Good luck in all your endeavours!


  2. Hi Gary, all that you have said is meant with meaning and passion in tyring to fight problems that prevail on our streets. Not just London, but nationwide. I have known you for some time and know where you stand on the issue of crime on our streets. You are not a racist, far from it. You are a person, like many, that wants to see an end to the waste of life that is prevalent on our streets. As you know I lost my son Rob to a mindless individual who decided to use 2 knives to vent his anger, and in doing so Rob was taken from us at an early age. You, I, and many others want to see an end to this scurge that is on our streets, but the problem has to be tackled head on. You and I have been campaigning for many years trying to make changes in cleaning up our streets. Unfortunately goverment and the judiciary have not put their full weight behind this issue. As you know, it doesn’t take billions of pounds to stop the senseless killings. It only needs the MOJ, the Government, and the general public to stand up and say…. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… WE ARE NOT GOING TO STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER. Why are those in power not strong enough to say what they feel. Why are they not strong enough do what is right, and that is protect the 99.99% of the honest black/asian/white peoples, young and old, of the UK. As you say, they are ready to throw resources at protecting those that live in the middle and near east. Let’s get our house in order first. We the British public voted politicians in to protect peoples of this nation. That must be the Governments first priority. This nation is a nation that stands for democracy, so therefore the Government should protect ALL that are British subjects that are living in mainland Britain. It appears that only people like you and myself can actually smell the coffee.

    Let’s hope that one day the message might get through and change will be brought about, for the good.

    Take care Gary.

    Colin Knox

    • Hi Colin – Hope your ok pal. You making progress with Natalie? I hope so as I felt real synergy there. Thanks for your comments on the blog. a lot of pent up frustration goes with the territory when you throw yourself into trying to make a difference in the youth sector and I guess this blog is my way of trying to let off steam. Their is a fine line between challenging issues and going to war over them of course – We need to find a way of bringing Government, police, local authorities, the community itself and all importantly… young people together i feel if we are going to be able to resolve the isue of gang culture. A big ask. Thanks for commenting anyway mate I will try not to offend or bore. Cheers. G x

  3. Gary, fantastic article. Love the way you talk straight, keep it real and retain an articulate voice. I look forward to reading the next post!

    • Thanks Sam – Looking forward to working with you on the Peckham project. I am so snowed under once we have the date set and the early planning done we are very much going to need you and Toyin to be the sdriving force on this one. The heroes of the piece for sure! The young advisors will back you 100% so once a plan of action is in place I am sure it will be a huge success. Cheers. Gary

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