So I am reading in the Sun the other day about some crazy kid running around Harrow in North London calling himself the “night warrior” clad in spandex.. Seems he has been joined by another goofy nerd called “The man in Black” who wears a black hat with a scarf round his face… and they are errm fighting crime… Pretty sad I thought… That the Sun should be putting these goofballs at risk by publishing their fantasy stories… What if they get set upon and stabbed due to the publicised stupidity…. Real shame..

I guess they have only themselves to blame for willingly selling the Sun a cheap shot story… With Big Brother off our screens there are always going to be fame hungry jerks looking for one way or another to get in the tabloids… And the Sun always got pages to fill!

Keeping this short and sweet – Things been looking up recently and thats cool enough without the need for capes and men in tights! People doing some real good things out there and that aint fantasy its just plain old fashioned people doing good things and helping turn the tide. It can be done you know – Communities dont need superheroes they just need those strong enough to make a stand to do so. And thats what I think is starting to happen.

Then again – back in the day when men were men and Sheep were blow up dolls in the back of yellow 3 wheeled robin reliants outside Nelson Mandela House… At least Fools and horses were not unemployed!

Dell Boy and Rodders – Gone but never forgotten in SE5!


G x



  1. That is so funny thanks for sharing Gary, it made me LOL as that is one of my favourite clips from the classic Only Fools & Horses. Ta for making me LOL I really needed it xxx

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