Youth Empowerment is the key

“Youth Empowerment is the key, Social mobility is the gateway”…. This is the strapline we are adopting for The SOLA Foundation – After the way we have staged the first two award events we feel that we have set a stake in the ground with the event strapline “The community Oscars for young people” – We have set a standard in youth award events and now we simply have the small matter of raising the bar year on year. It will not be easy but it will be achieved!

What exactly do we mean by the strap line? Well for starters “YOUTH EMPOWERMENT absolutely is the key to tackling the negative issues prelavent in our inner cities. Government, police and local authorities are not going to put an end to gang culture and youth violence without the positive majority of young people who are the primary demographic “victim group” affected in the first place, standing up and saying THIS HAS TO STOP! Our SOLA Ambassadors are doing just that.

Social mobility is the gateway? Moving young people across post codes is a good start and then having them interact with their peers across the City is a major step forward. Again this is something SOLA ambassadors do as second nature already. Making an impact upon the World? If the youth of Egypt can turn the world on it’s axel then the youth of London can have a big say in the wind of change that is blowing.

Early days yet to start talking about the relationships our SOLA Foundation youth management board are engaging in but our meeting with SAVE THE CHILDREN senior Management this past week was hugely positive.

Many youth organisations talk about the youth of today being the leaders of tomorrow – we are adding a slightly different dynamic – “The Youth of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow…… TODAY!

Be bold, be brave and be true to your heart.

G x


2 thoughts on “Youth Empowerment is the key

  1. This is extraodinary and positively good. One thing i really love about this post is the quote ” THE YOUTH OF TODAY ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW……. TODAY” Carry on the good work.

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