A million love SONGZ later…

Laying on a sun bed next to the ocean is the best way to relax in the world I guess. I certainly needed the break. Gave me an opportunity to catch up with some old friends on my daughters I pod that she lent me for the week. Otis Redding, Bob Marley etc…. relax the brain while the sun relaxes the body….

Then all too soon it was back on the plane and back to bedlam… The music and the sunshine so long ago it seems already to be a distant memory.. And now we have a little event with American R&B star, Trey Songz at City Hall this evening.. It is being called a night of “youth empowerment” where the star will engage with our young ambassadors from across London with topical debate mixed with some entertainment from SOLA youngsters.. Neat little event which I really hope our young people will enjoy… It is being broadcast on BET in America so big platform for our young ambassadors which is cool.

I will write more about the experience in my next blog -… For now though my memories of Egypt are slightly blurred as I spent much of the time sleeping! The joy of the outcome with the toppling of their dictator President was very evident .. I was shocked to find that the country is so poor that almost 50% of the population cannot read or write in their own language.. Let us hope the new deocratic process being promised the people can actually deliver and in doing so find a better way of distributing wealth in the country…


Now then…. Barclays Bank and Christine Ohorougu …. this job might be challenging but nobody can say it is not interesting!!


One thought on “A million love SONGZ later…

  1. Great posting Gary & glad you had a good relaxing holiday which was well deserved. Now get back to the real world & do the work you do & post the things you do that you do so well!!! I really missed your postings here and on Facebook!!! LOL xxx

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