Walking like an Egyptian!

Just preparing to fly off for first break in 18 months. Two Spirit of London Award events and a whole lot of stress related business with running the Damilola Taylor Trust in between. Totally shattered! So Egypt here I come. Let’s not get into how this has come to pass but I am informed by the Foriegn Office that the Red Sea resort is not faced with anarchy right at the moment!

Happy to see that common sense has prevailed with the MP’s vote on whether Prisoners should be able to vote or not. The obscene bloke who hacked his landlady to death but thinks murderers dont get enough respect must be gutted. Shame, he seemed so made up that he had taken on the Government and won. He had even found time to rant about Brooke in the paper. Not sure why the media allow scum like this the chance to put the boot into decent innocent people the way they do.. Or maybe I am.. This perhaps is the real shame!

Anyway, seeing the demented warped imbecile on the TV got me thinking about the time I was sat next to Richard Taylor in the radio studio on the Jon Gaunt show. Gauntey asked Richard if there was one thing he would change to the system to deter violence and murder what would it be. Bring back the death penalty he said very calmly. Unlike 97% of Sun readers who immediately started sending in their support I did not agree. But you know maybe if it were to stop scum like this John Hirst from being able to degrade society by breathing the same air as the rest of us perhaps it is not such a bad idea after all.

I will be looking forward to relaxing and recharging my batteries next week and maybe read the old overseas version of the current bun to see what is going on back here. This commons select committee investigating football Governance at the moment promises to be a laugh a minute. See dear old Lord Triesman the ex Chairman of the FA was one of the first up. Seems he feels the Premier league holds too much power and is only interested in its own agenda to the detriment of the England team. What a shock. His next revelations will be that black clouds turn to rain and maybe even that Bears shit in the woods!

Thing is with the Premier League… It was built on the graves of 96 football fans whose families have still never seen justice for what happened to their loved ones… This is a fact by the way. A sad and terribly ironic fact but still a fact.

The funniest quote I have read this week was attributed to an official of Barcelona football club. He was responding to a question as to why his club had not outbid Chelsea for Fernando Torres. He could have just said “because Torres is a sad, burned out shadow of the player he once was” of course but instead he said “people have to look after budgets as  if they were bed blankets – if you pull them up to the chin you still need to be careful to keep your feet warm!”…… So.. my final thought of the week is… Must be a lot of warm tootsies in the Coalition at the moment!!

Camel for Gary!


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