Tackling tough issues

Youngsters killing each other all over the Country. In London it is endemic and the authorities look at it like they are peering into a goldfish bowl. The fish are dying.. And?

The community, the black community especially, has to come together and say enough is enough finally. There has been much talk and hot air from Governments and Mayors but in the end it is the community itself that needs to put this right. Nothing excuses the savagery that we are witnessing and the pain a family feels when losing a child so early and so helplessly.

Celebrities speaking out in the media is not going to cut it and nor is yet more calls for tougher sentencing and anti this and that campaigns. The community has to mobilise and make a stand. We are going to do this in Peckham and are deep into planning a community day of action.

We want these kids to stop killing each other and bringing terror to the community while tarring the entire area with the same brush of negativity. We also want to put a smile back on the face of the area. The Damilola Taylor Trust have been doing that for London with “The Spirit of London Awards” by focusing on the positive majority of young people who are not hell-bent on violence, destruction and early death!

It is time for Nelson Mandela House to be a focus of Peckham again and for Dell Boy and Rodders to don their Batman & Robin costumes.

Be ready to join us!

G x